Having trouble logging in?

Double check that you are using the correct username and password. Your username should be unique and contain no special characters. Your password should be at least eight characters, 1 capital letter and one special character.

If this does not work, you can reset your password here.  ***Please check your spam folder***

Where do I go to log in?

To log in and access, all your course materials visit: https://learn.cannsell.ca/login/index.php

How do I create a profile?

Finally ready to get started? Hit buy now and complete your purchase when you are finished click Create my New Account

How do I find my courses?

To find your courses click Dashboard on the toolbar. You will then see a section in the middle of your screen called Current Learning. There you will see all of the courses that you are actively enrolled in.

How can I take a look at courses that I have completed?

To take a quick glance at courses that you completed select Dashboard from the toolbar. You will then be taken to your dashboard, you should then see Current Learning and a list of all your completed courses.

How do I change the language?

Courses are offered in both English and French. You can toggle through languages by clicking the Down button beside your profile and selecting (EN) for English and (FR) for French

Need Cannsell in both English and French?

Please email customer support at support@cannsell.ca and we will update your account free of charge! 
How do I access my CannSell Standard Certificate? 
Upon successful completion of the CannSell Standard Course, your certificate will be located under the Standard Course at the bottom of the page. 

Why won’t the website load?

If the site or a page isn’t loading, hit the Refresh button in your browser.  if that doesn’t do the trick, try some of these suggestions:

  • Close all other tabs in your browser

  • Use a different browser ( our site works best in Google Chrome)

  • Clear your cache

  • Check that you are connected to the internet

If all of these options fail, please email support@cannsell.ca

I've already paid for my upgrade, how do I access the new course? 
The upgrade course is available under the CannSell Standard Course tab. 

Why can’t I advance to the next slide?

When this happens chances are you are really eager to get this done, but some slides are interactive and require a little bit more attention.

First, take your cursor and hover it over the slide any pictures or videos that appear.   After the slide is finished you may have to click on those in order to access additional content. Once you have watched the videos or looked at the pictures you will be able to advance.

Please look closely for the small "x" in the top right corners of the pop-up boxes on the screens, some of the colours might not be visible at first glance. 

Can I use a tablet or cell phone?

You can access content on your mobile phone or tablet, which means you can complete the course from anywhere!

What are the password requirements?

Your password should be at least eight characters, 1 capital letter and one special character. So feel free to make it as secure as possible...just try your best to remember it!

Do I have to enable cookies in my browser?

Yes, you should have cookies enabled when using this site, this will not only allow you to prevent you from having to log in every time you visit the site but it will also let you continue from where you left off.

Why am I getting a 403 or 404 error?

This is your browser’s way of telling you that it needs a break, go ahead and help it out by clearing out your cache and logging back into your account.

What do I do if I need live support?

You can email for support at support@cannsell.ca please allow 24 - 48 hours for a response. 

I failed my exam twice and can't re-take the exam. What do I do?

If you have failed the exam twice (with a score of less than 80%) you will need to pay for the course again to retake the exam. There will be instructions available to re-purchase in the CannSell package once you've failed the exam twice. Once the course is paid, 
CannSell Retake will appear as a separate course on the Dashboard. You won’t need to complete the curriculum again, but you will be required to retake the exam. If you fail the CannSell Retake exam two more times, you will be required to repurchase the course again.

I'm having trouble paying for the course. What do I do? 

If you are experiencing an error processing payments through your credit card, please email support@cannsell.ca with your concerns. Keep in mind that we do not accept Visa/MasterCard debit, Prepaid cards or American Express. We only accept official credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard.